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Our Story

Welcome friends,

I'm Amy from Beloved Bubbles, and I want to share high-quality, safe and luxurious products I've been making for my family with you! My passion for learning, growing, and excellence transferred into soaps, balms, and other awesome products to shower you with love, comfort, and happiness. We are located in Minnesota, but I've lived and visited lovely places across the United States and Canada!

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I hope I can bring a moment of joy to your day, spark your imagination, or share tips, tricks, and knowledge with you. I'll upload videos to YouTube making cold process soap, and potentially some DIY kits or creating other products (balms, essential oil mixtures, etc.). I am a member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild.

When I use or reference essential oils, I consider safety extremely important, besides the aromatherapy benefits. I completed six courses (85 hours) from Robert Tisserand and the Tisserand Institute: Essential Oil Safety Masterclass, Essential Oils for Healthy Skin, Essential Formulation: Oil-based Products and Aqueous Sprays (instructed also by Lise (LisaLise) Andersen, a natural cosmetics formulator), Emulsion Essentials (instructed by Lise Andersen), and courses with Joy Bowles, PhD (aromatherapist and chemistry professor) Fundamental Chemistry and Molecular Dynamics.

Guided by values such as:

  • Authenticity & Sincerity
  • Compassion & Kindness
  • Health & Wellness
  • Happiness, Joy & Love
  • Gratitude & Mindfulness
  • Comfort & Pleasure
  • Beauty & Art

Why Beloved Bubbles?

Amy means "beloved", and saying "bubbles" always makes me smile because they're silly :) Having a BA in English, I appreciate alliteration, and starting a bath & body products company made the mash of both words too perfect! Plus, I want my products to be exciting to receive and feel like a gift, because I care. Everyone deserves awesome! I always want to do my best, but it doesn't mean everything will turn out perfect. In social media, I want to foster a community with kindness, compassion, authenticity, and laughter.

What's Next?

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Above all, welcome to my little world of happiness, joy, love, and geekiness!

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