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June's Soap Challenge Club: One-Pot Wonder

The goal

Regular category: Using four colors in one container, pour a layered and feathered soap design.


I did the normal measuring and prep with Tussah Silk from Bramble Berry, and some Sodium lactate 60% from Wholesale Supplies Plus (WSP) to aid with removal from the mold. I prepped the four colors with oil in separate containers. I hand stirred the oils and lye water, then I mixed the fragrance at light trace.

  • 40% Olive Oil
  • 25% Coconut Oil
  • 22% Palm Oil
  • 6.5% Sweet Almond Oil
  • 6.5% Castor Oil
  • 5% Superfat
  • 33% Lye Strength

Attempt one

Watermelon soap with poppy seeds in top layer. Fragrance Watermelon Mania from WSP.

Colors: Mostly from Nurture Soap New Leaf, Savage Garden, Rose Pink+Winter White+Titanium Dioxide to lighten, and Wanderlust

Ruined by an accelerating fragrance oil; it became solid within 5 minutes, but gloopy and squishy by re-adding the water discount. I was able to mostly mix with colors, but at best this can be confetti soap. The temperatures mixed were a bit warm, around 85-90 F. The soap top would be best described as meatloaf :(

Watermelon One-Pot Wonder June 2020 Challenge

Attempt two

Contrasting and bright colors; fragrance White Tea & Ginger EO & FO Blend from WSP.

Colors mostly from Nurture Soap (again): Black Pearl+Activated Charcoal (super fine), Neon Blue, White (Titanium Dioxide), Trial by Fire

I was able to mix all the colors, I made extra of the top layer because I thought it would look nicer. I needed to add more soap to the white color. I measured as I separated the colors, but I had to hurry once the soap was getting to medium-thick trace. I poured into the side of the large pot's pouring spout (as recommended). The trace was becoming thick when pouring back into the one pot, because I believe the recipe / formula contained too many hard oils. Temperature soaping at oils/lye water at 80-85 F.

The pour was fine for the first color (black), but my hands were not steady enough tilting the mold with my left hand and pouring with my right. I poured some on the mold rim and some outside the mold. I knew the feathering was not going to show, but I had to keep pouring. I stopped tilting the mold and poured what I could, but the mold was 2/3 full. Most of the red was too thick to pour, so I tried to spatula the rest out without mixing colors.

Although it did not go as planned, it still looks pretty and vibrant! It reminded me (and my dad) of a Bomb Pop Popsicle (or Firecracker).

Cropped June One-Pot Wonder Challenge

And a closer view (with more accurate color saturation to show the vibrancy digital photos lose):

Close-up June One-Pot Wonder Challenge


  • Use a non-accelerating or decelerating scent
  • Pre-mix colors to reduce mixing
  • Hand mix, no stick blender
  • Equal layers and colors, but top can have more to fill-in design
  • Pour at light-medium or medium trace
  • Have a steady hand to quickly and evenly pour into the mold ;)
  • This design seems to be forgiving and creates an interesting design even pouring thick soap


  • Beautiful soap! I’m always partial to the red/white/blue ones since I was born on the 4th of July! Great job on the challenge this month :)

    Dianne Edington
  • This is fantastic, Amy!! I really enjoyed reading about your experience with the challenge this month and all the lessons learned along the way. Your soap really does look amazing, despite any issues with batter acceleration! The colors truly are vibrant and strong, and the design is still a One Pot Wonder!! I haven’t tried the new Trial by Fire color from Nurture, but it looks like a good one!!

    Amy Warden

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